State Bar of Wisconsin Approved Long Term Care Insurance Program

Long-term care insurance (LTCI) helps to offset the cost of a broad range of services needed by people, for extended periods of time, due to a chronic illness or disability. These costs vary depending on the services needed and can quickly deplete an estate.

Discounts Offered

Because the State Bar of Wisconsin is approving the LTCI plans of select insurance companies, these companies are offering a discount. In addition to members and their spouses, this discount is being made available to parents of members and their spouses. Employees of law firms and their spouses are also eligible for this discount.

Choice of Companies

Because of the many different features and benefits offered by companies, and the different underwriting criteria it is impossible to pick one company that is the best for everyone. By endorsing multiple companies the State Bar is allowing you to select the appropriate policy coverage for your individual situation.

How to Get More Information

When a person applies for long-term care insurance, questions relating to his or her health status will be asked. Each insurance company has its own underwriting criteria. Use the form to the right to request a long term care quote, or call Bultman Financial Services, Inc. ( ) at (262) 782-9949 or (800) 344-7040. The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance publishes a free “Guide to Long-Term Care” (PI-047) to help evaluate individual needs. This guide can be obtained from the OCI Web site.

October 9th, 2015 by Bultman Financial Services