State Bar of Wisconsin Delta Dental Plan

For the Brochure and Application for the State Bar of Wisconsin Dental Plan click here: 2024 Application and Brochure

The SBW Delta Dental plan offers coverage in two networks:  the Delta Dental PPO network and the Delta Dental Premier network.

  • Dentists who belong to the Delta Dental PPO network offer significant fee reduction to patients by offering the lowest agreed-upon fees. The Delta Dental network has more locations for members to access dental care than any other PPO network in Wisconsin.
  • Dentists who belong to the Delta Dental Premier network also agree to discounts, but with a smaller savings than the PPO network above. More than 90% of Wisconsin’s dentists belong to the Delta Dental Premier network, and 81% nationally.  The Delta Dental Premier network is the nation’s largest dentist network.

Why is it important to think about dental coverage?

  • Early detection of cavities, gum disease and filling repairs will prevent you from finding yourself facing root canals, gum surgery, and tooth extractions—much more expensive treatments.
  • Oral health is linked directly to healthy living. Regular check-ups sometimes identify symptoms of other health issues, which can lead to early detection.
  • Creating good habits for your children leads to good overall health. According to the Surgeon General, children miss 51 million school hours each year because of dental-related illnesses.  Beginning good hygiene habits, the healthier they may remain.

Why should the SBW Delta Dental plan appeal to Members and their families:

  • Attractive rates.
  • Plan included CheckUp Plus benefit which means benefits paid for diagnostic and preventive care does not apply to individual annual maximum.
  • Plan provides orthodontic benefit to members up to age 19
  • Plan includes Evidenced Based Integrated Care Plan providing expanded benefits for persons with diseases and medical conditions that have oral-health implications such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Dependents can stay on the plan until age 26.

Plans will be priced as follows:

  • Member Only: $44.69/month
  • Member & Spouse: $91.60/month
  • Member & Children: $110.33/month
  • Member, Spouse & Children: $178.84/month


January 4th, 2024 by Bultman Financial Services