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Law firms maintain personally identifiable information about clients as well as their instructions for such things as transferring settlement money. Hackers want this information and will exploit a law firm’s security gaps to:
− Steal firm data
− Deny access to data until a ransom is paid
− Alter transfer instructions to redirect settlement money to their own accounts

Unfortunately, even the best security can’t stop all attacks. Cyber insurance can help. It can pay costs to:
− Recover systems and data
− Notify affected individuals
− Keep the business up and running

Given the many ways attackers can interrupt business operations by gaining access to your firm’s business systems, it’s important to have insurance with the right coverage and support. HSB Total Cyber™ provides robust cyber coverage as well as access to trusted industry experts who can help you recover financially and operationally should your firm be targeted.

Can your law firm navigate a sophisticated cyberattack?
With HSB Total Cyber™, the answer is yes

Data breach
In the event a hacker gains access to a law firm’s computer system, or sensitive information is otherwise stolen or exposed, HSB cyber claims specialists can help. They guide the business through a forensic IT investigation to determine the extent of the breach, and a legal review to identify next steps the business should take to notify affected individuals and provide them with identity monitoring services (if warranted).

Computer attack
Ransomware is the most common form of cybercrime committed against small and mid-sized businesses today. Should a law firm’s computer system be hacked or held ransom, HSB will help the firm recover. HSB cyber claims specialists will help the business determine whether to pay the ransom, and coverage includes the cost of an investigator to guide that decision.

Should cybercriminals target a business and trick an employee via email, or otherwise take control of their computer systems to
commit fraud for profit, HSB Total Cyber™ provides comprehensive fraud coverage. It helps cover the costs associated with
instances when funds or property are misdirected to a fraudulent destination.

Your reputation and relationships are at stake following a cyberattack. Stand up to cyber threats. Get an extra line of defense
against cybercrime and potential losses. Get coverage at

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June 23rd, 2022 by Bultman Financial Services